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Another drug plane in Belize ?

The police department continues to receive reports of suspicious aircrafts in Belize’s airspace. The recent one was reported this weekend in the Stann Creek District. According to the Acting Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, nothing substantial was found when officers responded.

Reporter: “We heard about a plane with drugs over the weekend, did you guys receive any information?”

DCP Chester Williams: “I know that I was called Saturday night and was told that there was low flying aircraft in the Stann Creek District. We did deploy officers to the location and there is no evidence to suggest that the aircraft did land so while they may be citing for a plane they cannot say if it did make any landing in that municipality.”

There is still no update as to the extent of the involvement of two police officers in the landing of a suspected drug plane in Barranco village late last year nor has an update been given on the Toyota Prado found with drugs also in the latter part of 2018.