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Another GREAT initiative

Today, twelve women graduated from a six month sewing class, which was offered by the Belize Police Department.  The classes were a part of the police’s community initiatives under the Gang Resistance Education and Training program.  ACP Roberto Mariano, the Sewing Instructor, spoke about the program.

ACP Robert Mariano Sewing Instructor: “Teach the students how to make clothes and what I like about the whole program is because those that came forward they have interest and they were able to learn in a short time.As you can see today we have displays and all these clothes that are out here today are made by these students. Majority of the machine was owned by the Department of Youth Service and so when I went to talk to the Director, the first word that she was willing to give or to offer the machine equipment for the sewing program, however during the sewing program an anonymous organization donated nine machines to us and Mr. and Mrs. Perez also donated two sewing machine and a serger to the program.”

The media also spoke with one of the graduates, Stephanie, who said that she will be able to save when it comes to buying uniforms since she can now sew them herself.

Stephanie: “It’s easy now for me to sew my children uniform, do bed sheets, bag, a lot of different things that I can sew to maybe put out on the market for people to buy and to also help single mothers that would buy material and cannot afford to pay to take it out so that is what I would like to do now and again when people get in a jam, parents on a whole that is single and struggling. I have so much joy in my heart and in my mind. I am so happy and I thank Mr. Robert Mariano for the gift he has given me.”

Mariano said that the graduates will volunteer their time for a year to help teach other classes.