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Another group of squatters in Belmopan being removed by Recondev

Several families have had their houses demolished and forced out of land they occupied in the J and W subdivision in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan. We are talking about families that have squatted in lands within that area for five or more years. They are being moved by the Reconstruction and Development Corporation, Recondev, a corporation that governs land in Belmopan and is answerable to the government. The Corporation has been issuing warning letters to several of the families who were squatting on land in the area and the most recent letters were issued some six months ago, according to residents we spoke with. They were advised to relocate or their structures would be demolished. The families did not move and since earlier this week, Recondev moved into action. Our news team visited the area to find out more.

We attempted to get a comment from Recondev and were informed that the General Manager, Hector Sabido was out of office.