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Another Homicide in the Old Capital

This morning gunshots rang out on Gibnut Street in Belize City this morning. 26-year-old Troy Cole, a resident of Curassow Street was shot twice while he was riding his bicycle on Gibnut Street. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke to us about the shooting and the ongoing police investigation. He said they have detained one person of interest.


“This morning sometime around 9:30am information was received of a shooting on Gibnut Street. Police responded to the area and one Troy Cole of Curacao Street was found with gunshot wounds. He was transported to the KHMH and he later succumbed to his injuries at 11am this morning. We are currently looking for a person of interest. From what we have understood and our investigation is still in its infancy stage, is that he was riding a bicycle coming from the direction of the boulevard toward Curacao and he was ambushed by the gun man. There was a struggle between the two of them because the gun initially snapped and subsequently the gunman took control and inflicted the injuries to him which led to his death. As is customary to me I do not believe in venturing into the past of a person who had fallen victim to a crime. Our objective is not to look at his past even though from our investigation we do that, but I do not think it serves the victim any good for us to be singing what his past has been. He has passed on and the least we can do is give him that respect.”

Love News also met with Cole’s family and his aunt expressed the shock of losing her nephew.


“This morning I just went out to purchase some food and then a minute later when he passed me I started to hear gunshots but I didn’t know it was him because he just left. When our neighbor screamed out that Troy got shot. When we ran down there he was running for help, when he was getting shot the police were right over there so I don’t understand why they didn’t arrest the guy because then they should have shot him in his foot or something. They watched the whole thing play out.”

According to his family they are at a loss as to who might have wanted Cole dead.


“He was a nice person, sweet, loving, he liked to party. He wasn’t afraid of anybody because he didn’t do anything to anyone so he wouldn’t expect anyone to be after him. He was everywhere he was loving and kind. I don’t know why they hurt him like that.”