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Another Land Scandal Set to Explode

Currently, the Government of Belize is awaiting its eight hundred thousand dollars that were paid out as land compensation to Sharon Pitts and Andre Vega.  While that matter is being sorted out among the legal minds, there is another scandal of which the details are about to revealed.  This one involves one thousand six hundred acres of land as explained by the PUP’s Shadow Cabinet Minister for Lands, Cordel Hyde.


We’re talking about not just the $800,000 between Andre Vega and Sharon Pitts and the million dollars they supposedly paid to Ran J down south for a piece of land that he only paid $6,500 to the government for. We’re talking about $70 million over an eight year period that the government of Belize paid out in land compensation payments. As you know information keeps coming out, as you know there are lots and lots of information on shady deals that took place in the lands department, there is another one that we are just getting our hands on that involves 1,600 acres of land on the northern highway outside of Carmelita that is supposedly now in the hands of the former minister’s family. Those lands were issued to 40 or 50 different people in 25 acre blocks, persons that I assume were friends of them and then those persons then turned around and sold the land for a fairly reasonable price to the family members. The thing is all those lands are adjacent to each other so it’s a nice spread, 1,600 acres. All that information is going to come out soon, there are lots more information and as more comes out there is more responsibility on the government to act and make sure that there is proper accountability. We understand that an audit has been done there and so we are waiting patiently to see that audit to see what all will be revealed in there but the government shouldn’t have to wait on that to act, the government should act before, the government should do something just relieving a minister of is portfolio is a slap on the wrist.”

We will keep following this story as the details unfold.