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Another lucky Belizean wins $15,000 with Scratch & Win

Another lucky person has won $15,000 with Scratch and Win. The game seems to be picking up among Belizeans who want to try their luck and see how much they can win. There are still other out there, though, that are not quite sure of how the game works. One of the Directors of Scratch and Win, Alex Gamero, stopped by our studio today to tell us more about the game.

Alex Gamero – Director of Scratch & Win: “There is a lot of different tickets, there are $1 tickets, there are $2 tickets and each one of those prize points has different games but if you notice all of them have the Scratch and Win yellow logo so they are operated by us. The game is very simple, you purchase a $1 ticket and if you match three prizes out of the six prizes under the scratch area you win that amount so, for example, the winner that we are going to hear her story in a little bit she found three $15,000 prizes so she wins $15,000. The same thing for the $2 ticket, just match three prizes and you win that prize. It doesn’t have to be in a straight line, it can be in any order. The $2 ticket has game one where you have the first chance to match three, there is game 2 where you have a second chance to match three prizes and then there is a bonus where anything you find under the bonus you automatically win. The $1 ticket is only one chance to match three prizes, for the $2 the highest prize is $15,000 and for the $1 ticket the highest prize is $5,000. Any prize up to $100 you can collect that at any agent. The prizes up to $500 you can collect at a super agent and anything over $500 you come to the main office at #40 Eve Street in Belize City. I would like to remind everyone to play responsibly, this is a fun game. It is just meant to have some fun and the second thing is you have to remember is that this is a lottery and you have to be over 18 to play so anyone that is over 18 we ask you to try it out and try your luck but you have to be 18.”

The lucky winner, Corozal Resident, Jennifer Franklin, also stopped by our studio to tell us how it felt to have the winning ticket.

Reporter: “You just won $15,000, how does that feel?”

Jennifer Franklin- Grand Prize Winner: “Super excited, it is just strange because it is the first time I have ever won such a big amount in any game I have ever played and I am just excited.”

Reporter: “Do you buy these tickets regularly?”

Jennifer Franklin- Grand Prize Winner: “Yes, every week I buy scratch.”

Reporter: “Any plans as to what you want to do with the money?”

Jennifer Franklin- Grand Prize Winner: “No plans as yet.”

If you’re feeling lucky, the Scratch and Win tickets can be bought from just about any store, all over the country.