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Another lucky Belizean wins $15k from Scratch & Win

Clive Garnett once bought $50 worth of Scratch & Win tickets, only to come up empty handed. Discouraged, he stopped buying them for a week, but decided to give it a next shot. Little did he know, that he would have been the winner of $15,000. Garnett stopped by our studio to tell us about the moment he won.

Clive Garnett – Grand Prize Winner Scratch & Win: “The first time I went and bought the ticket I only got $2. I went back to these Chinese, purchased one and got back the free ticket so I carried home two. I gave one to my daughter, one for myself, we scratched and she won $2 again so I took back the ticket again because it is right across the street. I purchased one and got back that free one, I went home back with two tickets again and scratched again. That time I won $20 so I went and took the same ticket back, my wife told me don’t play the game anymore you lost $10 already. I still bought three tickets: one for me, one for her and one for my wife. When I reached home I set it on the table and I started to switch them around saying watch the queen, the lucky ticket is here, watch the queen, the lucky ticket is here. They grabbed one each and I grabbed this one and started scratching. I saw two 15 and then started to scratch in another angle to try to see what was on the bottom. I did not want to just go to the bottom because I started to get excited already. Then I saw the zeros from the thousand, I still continued and when I saw the three zeros that was it. I don’t what happened after that, I just jumped up, balled out, hollered out and all kinds of things. This is worth it.”

Garnett says that he will use the money to pay of some bills that he has, easing some of the burden off his family’s shoulders.