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Another Member of the Hyde Family Shot Out West

The ongoing gang warfare in Roaring Creek Village has resulted in another member of the Hyde family being shot last night. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to the Hospitalized man and files the following report.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: 45-year-old Mark Hyde a resident of Roaring Creek Village and caretaker of Mehia’s Farm situated in the Another World are of the village is lucky to be alive after being shot several times. According to Hyde this is the second attempt on his life.

Mark Hyde, Shooting Victim: “Well last night I was at the farm taking care of a farm for Mehia. I came down to check the pigs because one of them is supposed to have young ones any time this week but while coming down I went to check the pig and everything was okay and while going up back I heard two shots and two of them caught me in my right hand. When I managed to look around and I saw someone behind a post with a hoodie and then he fired another shot, that’s when one grazed me on the right side of my chest. I managed to run and jump over the fence because I never had the time to loose the gate. So I ran through Alex Porto’s yard and I ran straight to my boss’s father Mr.Canche and he asked his daughter to rush me to the hospital because I was in some serious pain and bleeding crazy last night. I reached there about after 11:30. And now my hand is in bad pain but the doctor said that everything will be okay.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Do you know the person? Did you have any confrontation with anyone recently ? 

Mark Hyde, Shooting Victim: “No. I haven’t had any confrontation with anyone because I don’t do anything. I just got another job with my brother Rudolph Hyde in Belmopan he asked me to work with him so I went and I started to work with him because Pablo he is on quarantine. “

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: So you’re minding the farm ?

Mark Hyde, Shooting Victim: “Yes sir I am taking care of the farm for Leannie Mehia at the same time but most of the time in the day time her father will go because I am not there and I am at the shop but at night I sleep there and ensure that everything is okay.”