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Another plane landed in the north

We have seen a good number of drug planes landed in Belize for this year.  Unfortunately majority was only discovered long after its contents were removed. Recently, via a joint operation, authorities had managed to seize some drugs in the north and more recently a silver Toyota Prado was discovered with over four hundred kilos of cocaine.  The police were not so lucky this weekend, however, as another plane managed to make an undeterred landing and subsequent take off.  Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett spoke of this latest illegal landing.

ACP Joseph Myvett: In Corozal Police was made aware that an aircraft had landed on the Sartenja airsrstip. As result the officers posted at Sarteneja was deployed to the area to make checks and in the same process other officers from within the North were deployed to the same area however the officer stationed in Sarteneja whilst going in the direction of the airstrip saw that the aircraft had taken off. It is a single engined aircraft that seemingly was there from sometime around 9 am and took off sometime after 3 PM.”

Myvett says the sighting of the plane did not raise any suspicions initially as it is known that someone in the area owns a single engine plane.