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Another Shooting Out West

Investigations continue by police in connection with last night’s shooting in the Hattieville area of Roaring Creek Village. At around nine last night, 18-year-old Nelson Nunez, a resident of the community, was walking home after visiting some friends when he came under fire by two armed assailants, who were in a dark blue Ford Escape. Nunez was shot at several times but had only been grazed to the neck. He was taken to the Western Regional Hospital where he had to undergo an x-ray and received additional treatment.

Our Belmopan correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to the victim’s mother, Kimberly Nunez.

Kimberly Nunez, Mother: “He was shot at last night and glory be to God, thank God seven, eight shots were fired at him but only one grazed him. The good lord was really with him because I pray day, I pray night for my kids because the things that are happening in Roaring Creek is not the Roaring Creek I grew up in, I grew up in Roaring Creek forty five years and the village changed, changed, changed.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: What would you want to see done ?

Kimberly Nunez, Mother:  “Well the parents they have to stop encourage the kids because to me the parents know what the children are doing and I mean everyone is one everybody grew up together, everybody was raised together so we have to make a change. Why the youths are hurting one another, senseless killing you know and to me I’m tired of it.”

Investigations continue.