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Another suspected drug plane torched after landing

The roads near Progresso Village in the north has become one of the areas used as clandestine airstrips.  A plane landed in the early hours this morning and after the pilot and possible cargo were removed, the plane was torched.  The Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, Joseph Myvett says after four a.m., the police were alerted and headed to the scene.  

ACP Joseph Myvette: “Corozal Police was called to an area on the Progresso Copper Bank Rd. which is located some three miles North East of Progresso Village. Upon arrival sometime around 4:30 am they observed the remains of a burnt twin engine aircraft still on fire. Investigators are on the ground as we speak conducting investigation as well as conducting searches within the entire area. No other item has been found so far aside from the remains of the burnt aircraft. From the scene it appears that it was set on fire. Obviously it was an illegal landing because that is not an authorized area drum so that is an illegal landing. There is Police Substation in Progresso Village and I was made aware that the most of the formations including Corozal does have a rural operational team that does operate throughout the district.”

No indications were received about an aircraft until after it was on fire and the cargo, if any is not known. The police have not received any information about it from counterparts in Mexico.