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Another Teenage Father Loses his Life to Gun Violence

Tonight, a one year old child is left without her teenage father after he succumbed to gunshot injuries sustained over the weekend. Despite life-saving efforts around ten forty five last night nineteen year Paul Bood passed away while he receiving treatment at the KHMH’s intensive care unit. Bood and an in law were both shot around six o’clock on Saturday evening, at Boods’ residence on Jimmy Dyer Street, in Belize City. The two were sitting on the stairs socializing when a gunman bolted into the yard and fired a number of shots at them leaving Bood in a critical condition. His girlfriend twenty-eight-year-old Sade (sha-day) Singh, described the moments when she got the tragic news that he was gone.

Sade Singh, Paul Bood’s Girlfriend: “I saw the call coming in 10:45. I saw the call come in and my hands started to shake because I was just trying to get a little dose of sleep and I saw this call coming in and when I saw this call coming in I told myself “no Sade don’t answer it” but I have to answer it. When I answered it I got the tragic news and I ran and my mom ran out and I flung myself to the chair and told her “Mom he’s gone. He went and left me mommy. What are we going to do ?” His mom, his niece, his nephew, my daughter just turned one last week all he wanted was a better life for him and his baby. Everybody that is what they’re basing on Facebook right now, how much Paul loved his baby and now they took that away from us. I am hurt, devastated, exhausted, I don’t know. I don’t know but I just want Belize to continue pray and like Dwayne’s mommy said the love is still in Belize. We got this and could change this around and if we could stand up as mothers, as girlfriends that lost people or have people suffering right now from gunshots please put down the guns. Please because you’re hurting innocent people and leaving my kids fatherless.”

Singh says that Bood, was a hard working young man who had devoted his life to his daughter who turned one years old just last week.

Sade Singh, Paul Bood’s Girlfriend: “Paul is a very hardworking young man. He is willing to do anything for anybody. He would if he has to ride a mile he will do that. He will give his last for anybody that he truly loves and a lot of people love Paul I didn’t know it’s so much outpour of love I would see for my baby’s father. I mean he loved me that is why I always cry. I always wanted man to love me for me and that was the man and now they took that away not only from me but from my daughters. I don’t know what to do. I just – I always saw parents and girlfriends crying on the news how their baby, their son, their daughter will be fatherless now I have to go through it. I have to go through it and Paul doesn’t deserve any of this. I mean from the time they came way into my yard you know ? What more can you do ? You’re not safe in your own place and that’s not fair. That’s not fair but the whole world is not fair and me I put everything in God’s hands. Like what I tell everybody only he I need to strengthen me.”

Our newsroom understands that Alex Faber the other man that was injured remains in a stable condition. Police are looking for suspects as their investigations continue.