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Another vehicle stolen from the Ministry of Health compound in Belmopan.

em Cruz reporting..

“Myvette Cal, a security from the Salvapan, Belmopan is lucky to be alive after he was held up, beaten, tied up and kidnapped while on duty last night in the Ministry of Health Parking Lot. Love News understands that a gold in color Toyota Hilux was stolen in the process, belonging to the Ministry of Health. Love News spoke to the supervisor for Harpy Security, Santos Coc.

Santos Coc – Supervisor

I conducted my routine check this morning at four thirty at the Ministry of Health and I notice that the security was not in the booth, he was nowhere to be found on the compound, then I started to look around. I noticed that his wallet was on the floor, his belt is on the chair, I noticed a roll of tape on the table and I noticed the chain that we use across the road for incoming and outgoing traffic was down and it concerns me when I notice these things then I start to look around and still nowhere to find him. Then my boss called me while I was looking around and he told me that he received a call from the San Ignacio Police station and said that Mr. Cal, the security guard that was posted at the Ministry of Health reported himself to the Police station there that he was kidnapped by three men dressed in black and they had a hood over their face and also a Toyota Hilux was stolen from the Ministry of Health, goldish color Toyota Hilux and also they kidnapped the guard and left him abandoned somewhere.

Fem Cruz – Love News

“And his condition?                            

Santos Coc – Supervisor

“Well his condition right now, he’s not feeling well, was beaten, blood over his face and there are also some big scratches on his face.