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Another Victory for BWS Former Employees

Last month Justice Michelle Arana handed down a ruling in favor of six former employees of Belize Water Services. Those employees were terminated more than two years ago and they claimed that they were wrongfully fired. So they hired attorneys and took the matter to court. Justice Arana ruled that they were indeed wrongfully terminated and that BWS had to pay damages to all six employees. Since the ruling was handed down, it was expected that BWS would appeal the matter but the deadline was today and we understand that an application for appeal was never filed. For the former employees, Don Gillett and Michael Novelo, that is good news.


In the start we were estimating so to speak but we know that they would either appeal the decision or the quantum for damages so this is just a part of the dance. We just wait for the next move. The quantum would be the icing on the cake as far as we are concerned we won. The ball is now in their court to do as they please with it. We know that they would want to continue to drag this on and we have been proving from the start that this is what we wanted to do from the first day we filled this suit so the whole song and dance with this appeal we are ready because we know from the start that we didn’t do what they accused of us and they basically just threw us out there. At the end of the day we are free, our names have been vindicated now.”


Six people lives’ have been _____________ our course that we were going by have been changed by some people who didn’t have any heart. They had one of us his wife died because she couldn’t afford the top of the line medication that was offered by the insurance those things are wrong. We have people like Ms. Barnett who had to take her son out of extracurricular activities, those things are wrong. We are suffering, the banks are calling each and every one of us on a daily basis asking us when we are going to pay. Mr.McKoy I don’t know why they (BWS) did this to him he can’t get a job from the day we departed that place and it’s going on three years now.”

The employees say there were wrongfully terminated after being accused of spreading rumors within company.