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Antelope Street Residents Clamor for a Return of Face to Face Learning

The Ministry of Education Forty has given two schools have the green light for a return to face-to-face learning, but many of them remain online. It may not be a big deal for students who are equipped. But in the Antelope Street Extension area, online learning has proven to be a challenge. The residents say that their children are beginning to fall behind because they have no access to the internet or a device.

Kylie Ramclam, Resident: “Well I am managing it very hard right now because I don’t even have a phone. I use my baby’s father’s phone and he only leaves it now and then so that is kinda hard and sometimes when he does leave it to go online I don’t have the money to buy the data for him to go online so that’s really hard. I think it would be better if he was in class learning. Right now with the phone I feel like he’s dropped behind because we can barely log on to be on the online classes so I feel like he’s fallen back a lot.”

Phillipa Ramirez, Resident: “Well I have my daughter, she’s five years old. She’s behind because the teacher asked us to please get something so she could use for online classes because that more or less has them cooperating with the kids since they can’t have face to face studies. So right now like how I have a little cheap phone I can’t put internet on that because it can’t hold internet so in a way she’s behind. Honestly I would want a little device so if someone could help with a device for her to help with her schooling or we would want somebody try to help us put in the internet back here and then from there we could see how we could help ourselves or something to the order. Something that the kids could use so they could do their online classes.”