Anthony Boots Martinez Pursues Recall Petition

Anthony Boots Martinez Pursues Recall Petition

Gilroy Usher said Anthony Boots Martinez failed in his recall petition.  Just when you thought it was over and done with, Martinez called a press brief to essentially say that it’s not ova yet.  Martinez told the media that he has, in fact, met the threshold, but he wants more signatures.  He said that he wants the signatures to match the amount of votes that Usher received in the last election.  It is anybody’s guess what Martinez is trying to prove.

Anthony “Boots” Martinez, Former Port Loyola Area Representative: “We have reached the threshold a little over what we believe to be the threshold. But because of the misinformation and because of certain things happening in the constituency, we have decided to move forward until we get at least 50% of the constituency. To start with, Mr. Usher, I don’t know who prepare him with the statement because I don’t know if he doesn’t understand the law. If you are saying in your statement that Port Loyola exists with over 5,000 residents and the petition failed to gather 1,500 signatures then to start with you’re wrong because if the constituency have 5,001 registered voters, the threshold will be 1,501. I don’t know how when the teach and  never understand those simple thing there I don’t know. And to this end, you see for example, say by law, the 8th of September or the 9th of September was the date I had promised to deliver the petition. Let me tell you this in the words of the late Mr. Lindo. You know what Mr.Lindo said ? The man that gives his word and can’t take it back is not the man. Circumstances change and so we have extended the, within the law, the timeframe. And so, as we speak, there is enough, a little above the threshold. But we will go on because the mandate now for the people of Port Loyola is to get enough signatures at least to the amount of what Gilroy Usher and Philip Willoughby got in the last election.” 

Martinez did not only have a message for Gilroy Usher, but he also had words for Phillip Willoughby.  According to Martinez, Willoughby did not sign the petition, which he is perceiving to be a strike against his allegiance.

Anthony “Boots” Martinez, Former Port Loyola Area Representative: “If it was left to Mr. Willoughby and a definitive deadline was slated for the 8th of September and we never reached the threshold, he would be a part of not reaching the threshold. We reached a little bit over the threshold without Mr. Willoughby’s signature. Obviously, he might be one of the people who is a constituent of Port Loyola who believe that Gilroy Usher is doing a good job when the other people believe differently. So my message to him and Gilroy Usher is take your victory lap. Philip Willoughby half lap with him and you hug each other and bawl because what you were hoping for will not happen. So hug each other and bawl now because we reached the threshold we’re going for say as much as we could that we are dealing with both the numbers in terms of registered, in terms of the amount of petition will cover both of what the two of you get in the next general election that is the mandate from the people. Because it looks like one of them, listen to me now Mr.Usher is sitting beside the chair when he is supposed to have the chair. An opening is there. Mr.Willoughby saw an opening he is running from the chair ! They’re not ready for the dance.”

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