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Anthony “Boots” Martinez says Usher no ready

Anthony Martinez, the Area Representative for Port Loyola, will not be seeking another term in politics. Martinez told the media that even though he is retiring, he believes that the UDP still stand a very good chance against his opponent, the People United Party’s Gilroy Usher.

Anthony “Boots” Martinez – Port Loyola Area Representative: To start with I like the UDP chances in Port Loyola and I will tell you the reason why. Mr.Usher won nothing, he got beat two times you know and I tell you I have my own view and as long as I’m alive and as long as I’m around politics I couldn’t see myself and I couldn’t see the people of Port Loyola supporting Mr.Usher who has a terrible distaste especially for women. And I’m saying this to you point blank as the Minister responsible for women I could never see myself supporting or having people supporting Mr.Usher. I don’t even know how the PUP could even endorse Mr.Usher as a candidate with those terrible character especially against women.”

Martinez said that there are several persons looking to replace him. Today Gilroy Usher fired off a release stating that under his candidacy, the PUP has made significant inroads in transforming the division. He said Martinez has lost the support of the people of Port due to his and the UDP’s neglect of the division.