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Anthony Crawford Shot and needs blood

A Belize City man was shot on Monday night.  At 8:45 p.m. 35-year-old Anthony Crawford was riding his bicycle with a friend on Antelope Street Extension when a man walked out from a yard and fired two shots at him. One of the bullets caught him on the chest. Crawford is in a critical condition at the KHMH. Crawford is no stranger, as they say, to the police, however, all life has value and his family is making an appeal to the public to donate blood to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Cousin of Victim: “I got a call from my sister who where she told me that they just shot my cousin. To my understanding he was riding his friend to drop him home and then they said that a gunman came out of the bushes and started to fire shots and he ran and turned around for what I don’t know and when turned around he got shot in his chest and then he continued running back to his friends yard and he collapsed right there on the cement. Police came a couple minutes after and he was rushed him to the Hospital. He was out there a couple hours and I ended up going home because they said that he went into surgery and from my understanding they took out one of his Kidneys so it is kind of serious so we are just asking the public anybody to help us out with blood because he really needs some blood right now.”

Jose Sanchez: “We know that when it comes to the Blood Bank itself there is an ongoing drive, the blood is low around the country so if people want to assist and donate blood how can they get in contact with the family.”

Cousin of Victim: “Well you can get me on 604-9865.”

Jose Sanchez: “ He has been involved in a couple incidents before in the past. I know that this does have an effect on his life. Life is valuable so you truly are making an appeal to save his life. Has the Doctors said anything about his chances of recovery?”

Cousin of Victim: “Well they are just saying that he needs the blood and that is about it right now, we know that he is a coma right now so we are hoping for the best but I believe we are going to get through and that he will pull through.”

According to our records, it is not the first time that Crawford has been shot. And while he walked away in the past, the situation is much grim as one of his kidneys has been removed. He had previously been charged with the attempted murder of Anthony Leslie.