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Anti-Gay Preacher banned from Jamaica

Steven Anderson is a preacher from the US and he is known for his anti-gay lectures. However, recently he is known as the preacher who the Jamaican Government banned from entering their country. The controversial pastor is considered a hate preacher because of his comments on several issues, including the 2016 shooting of 49 people inside the Pulse gay nightclub in Orland, Florida. He has also been accused of calling for the execution of gays by stoning, and has asserted that women should not work, lead in church or dress how they want. Anderson had the intention to travel to Jamaica on Tuesday to do ‘missionary’ work but the Jamaica’s Chief Immigration Officer decided to ban Anderson because the Government believes that the pastor’s statements are not conducive to the current climate. Here in Belize the Executive Director of UNIBAM Caleb Orozco says he has been monitoring Anderson for the past few years. Orozco congratulated Jamaica’s move to ban the preacher.


“It is welcomed that the Jamaican government was smart enough in the best interest of the public to keep him out in knowing that they have an environment where they have more murders per year than Belize have in fifteen years; it is welcome and hopeful that any state would recognize extremism when its imported either through missionaries or otherwise and respond to the need of its citizen. My organization has been monitoring the Anderson Case for several years and one of the things you learn that if you wish to have society which does not amplify violence you don’t not invite temptation to amplify that violence into your country. For Belize specifically we don’t have a monitoring mechanism to address the violent rhetoric of violent people like Anderson and that is unfortunate because we will remain vulnerable not only to the many murders that occurred in this country but to the slow buildup of the vision which we cannot afford as Belizeans.”

Anderson has already been banned from Canada, United Kingdom, Botswana, and South Africa.