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Anti-Vaxxers Stir Up debate on Social and Local Media

Whether or not Dr Moguel did make that report, Love News has confirmed with the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams that a complaint was made against the Belize Justice and Rights Movement for spreading false information. The complaint is currently under investigation and charges are expected to be filed. Meanwhile, this afternoon the Movement called another press conference, this time there weren’t many people making wild claims-just one and we’ll get to that shortly. But first, to attorney Arthur Saldivar. Saldivar started off the press conference by saying that the Belize Medical and Dental Association has defamed members of the Movement.

Arthur Saldivar, Attorney

Arthur Saldivar, Attorney: “I know that there’s been some level of controversy being stirred by the Belize Medical and Dental Association in terms of how they view the roles of the persons who have contributed the press conference of the movement called Belize Rights and Justice Movement. Well allow me to say in particular on behalf of Dr.Pelayo that he has been known as Doctor Pelayo for more than forty years. At no point has Dr.Pelayo hold out that he is a doctor in the field of conventional western medicine or did he ever hold out that he belonged to the Belize Medical and Dental Association. But he has had a long history of practicing holistic medicine. To have him be brought into a situation where his character and profession is put in disrepute by persons who mischaracterized what his role was at that press conference is not only lamentable it is defamatory. The doctors that were listed on the agenda for the Belizean Rights and Justice Movement were contributors not advisors. Per my understanding and appreciation of the movement there are thousands of doctors and certainly lawyers internationally that have lent their expertise and their research to those who belong to the movement particularly those in the executive. I heard this morning Dr.Audrey Matura I imagine making certain claims and even bringing my name into this thing. But let me say this I’ve been charged, I’ve been acquitted of those charges. False news they call it. It is important I believe to set records straight.”

As for Jose Espat, who has previously been exposed as a fake doctor and had threatened to sue, is back again on social media saying he is seeking legal advice. He noted on Facebook today, quote, “many have seen the press conferences and news reports which has published my name relating it to illegal activities and a threat of arrest. I am in the process of obtaining legal advice and will take the necessary legal action to clear my name.” End of quote. Love News understands that the only doctor registered with the Medical Council is Gerald Zuniga; but he too has been making wild claims about the COVID-19 virus and the pandemic. He says he did extensive research from credible online sources, and so we asked him to share with us the source of his information.

Reporter: Where do you get your information ? Which website do you use to research your information ?

Dr.Gerald Zuniga, BRJM: “I deal directly with the inventors -“

Reporter: ? ? 

Dr.Gerald Zuniga, BRJM

Dr.Gerald Zuniga, BRJM: “Okay I could give you some names. Write down name Dr.Vernon Coleman, Dr.Bandolina – wait her name – Dr.Gert Vandenbursh* is another one. Dr.Michael Yedon is another one. Dr.Natalia Prego. I’m a member of doctors for truth from Spain she’s another one. And you have Dr.Rasheed Buhtar is another one – you have many doctors.” 

Reporter: Okay so which website do you use ?

Dr.Gerald Zuniga, BRJM: “I go directly to them. We have Dr.Mercola.”

Reporter: She has her own website ? 

Dr.Gerald Zuniga, BRJM: “No Dr.Mercola has his own website alright and I don’t really go the traditional website because I know the agenda behind it. I don’t deal with doctors with conflicts of interest okay ? And most of them they have deep conflicts of interest because of the institution that they represent or who found them. Most researches they’re granted so you need to find out who gave them the grant for them to carry on their investigation and most of the time we have found that out that their result is normally in the benefit of those who financed them so there is a deep conflict of interest in science and health in the world.”

Reporter: And then you received irrefutable scientific data on these things ? Because some people might characterize your claims as wild and they might say but you’re a conspiracy theorist. 

Dr.Gerald Zuniga, BRJM: “You know information is on the internet and it’s all left to you.”

As a follow up, we texted Dr Zuniga asking for the information that he promised to send via WhatsApp and Telegram. We await these sources up to news time tonight, although he did respond to our follow up saying, quote, “This is a wicked satanic agenda against [you] and your family. End of quote.

Now with many of the theories ventilated, the narrative took a turn today as former Belize City Mayor, Zenaida Moya clearly articulated the Movement’s position without the distraction of many conspiracy theories and presentations. Moya explained that the Movement is about one thing and one thing only; and that is the fight for Belizeans to be able to choose not to be vaccinated and tested.

Zenaida Moya, BRJM

Zenaida Moya, BRJM: “Whilst some of you, the media and those people who want to malign us and all that they will state that we are anti vaxxers. Our movement have stated that first of all most of us in here probably all of us have received vaccine while we were younger as children most of all. So it’s not that we’re saying we’re against vaccines totally. However I just mentioned that the vaccine for it to be considered a vaccine it has to go through these different criteria. We, and this is when we say this is based on the knowledge that we have that it does not meet that criteria so we cannot consider it a safe vaccine. We consider it just as what it is stated and it is stated as a medical experiment and trial. We feel that there must be a right. Who wants to be a part of that medical experiment and trial ought to get that right. They need to get that right and go ahead and get their double jab no problem that is your right. Those who don’t want to but opt to take the PCR test and the rapid test they have that right so they can go ahead and get that right we don’t consider it should be at a price though if they want that right because in this had times it’s difficult for them to be paying a hundred and fifty dollars every two weeks but if they want to go that route then they go that route. That’s two options right ? Now there ought to be three because it should be a choice and these choices they’re there right in our constitution you understand ? We have are protected via the constitution but what is that other choice ? That other choice has to do with not taking, being a part of this medical experiment and trial and neither taking the test just to work.”