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Antibiotic Sensitization Training

An information sensitization session about antibiotics is being held today. The training involves the Ministry of Health and it is to monitor the use of antibiotics in humans and animals. Training and sensitization has been occurring in phases. Samira Gongora, a drug inspector for the Ministry of Health and Joe Myers, the Veterinary Drug and Animal Feed Registrar for the Belize Agricultural and Health Authority told Love News that they have educated management teams as well as public practitioners of antibiotics and their proper use.   

Samira Gongora, Drug Inspector, Ministry of Health: “Antimicrobial resistance is reaching high levels, it’s reaching dangerously high levels all over the world. We’re seeing that we have a lot of antibiotics that are becoming resistant to infection and so we need to sensitize the private sector of where we are and where we need to be, the things that need to be in place, the protocols and procedures and guidelines that need to be in place to ensure that our future generations have antibiotics that could be use for infectious diseases. Antibiotic resistance can happen in humans and in animals. So in there we have the private sector from hospitals and we also have BAHA, we have vets that work in the private sector as well.”

Joe Myer, Veterinary Drug and Animal Feed Registrar, BAHA: “It’s extremely important because of the possible cross contamination or cross infection as it relates to antimicrobial resistance in that many of the drugs and we’re using in humans are also used in animals and the bacteria or the bugs have no barrier so to speak so we have adapted the one health approach which is multi sectoral in the effort of not duplicating efforts and actually economizing on cost. We started with public awareness which is very important, sensitization and letting people know the options and the dos and don’ts and then secondly as it relates to getting the program on the road is having legislation, having legal teeth to be able to back up what we plan to do.”

Today’s session was for pharmacists and doctors. Without proper use, antibiotics can lose their effectiveness in animal and human population.