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Antigua’s Education Minister in Belize on Working Visit

Antigua’s Minister of Education, Michael Brown is in Belize on a working visit to discuss aspects of education with Belize’s Minister, Patrick Faber. He was on Love FM’s Morning Show this morning and was then taken on a trip to the Altun Ha Temple and then to the inauguration of a basketball court in the Collet Division in Belize City this afternoon. According to Minister Faber there is a lot to be discussed during the next four days.


“I’m pleased that my colleague is here with me this afternoon. We’ve invited him to come because we believe in the bonds of friendship. I met Minister Brown at a conference earlier this year in the Bahamas. The man is like me, dynamic, good looking, young. So we said, why not bring him? Deon I see you making up your face (laughter) so we decided to come together to work together.  And this is what is needed, very much the same way that he and I will work together during the course of this week and become more knowledgeable about what goes on it our respective countries so that then we can continue to bring in or to work closely with other ministers of Education across the region. That’s the same kind of format that we utilize here in our constituency of Collet and also in the wider Belize. We need to start working together because our goals and our objectives are very much the same wherever we go.”

Love News also got a chance to speak with Minister Brown where he expressed his hope to collaborate with other countries in the region in order to enhance the education system.


“It was a real pleasure to meet your minister along with several other ministers of Education at the Organization of American States Joint meeting in the Bahamas early this year and what we realized across the Caribbean was that many of the challenges that we face were quite similar and therefore it means that rather than each country experimenting on its own or getting the first trial that we could get best practices from each other rather than looking solely outside.”

Minister Brown leaves on Friday. We will have more on our conversation with Ministers Brown and Faber on education in tomorrow’s newscast.