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Anyone can catch Monkeypox, not just gay, bi men

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation says that containment of the virus is still unclear at this time. For now, the goal is to contain the outbreak by stopping human-to-human transmission to the maximum extent possible. Initially, one of the groups that was in a vulnerable demographic is men who have sex with men or MSMs. The U.S.-based Centres for Disease Control and Prevention last week said that the virus was spreading among the community globally. However, they cautioned that anyone can catch the virus regardless of their sexual orientation. Doctor Russell Manzanero reiterated that although the condition is rare, just about anyone can catch it.

 Dr.Russell Manzanero, Epidemiologist, Ministry of Health and Wellness:  “What happened there indeed the first cases that were seen was actually at an STD clinic, a sexually transmitted clinic where they actually give association attention to individuals. They actually captured some individuals there under surveillance that they had these rashes and pretty much that was what they were seeing among that population, it’s a key population men who have sex with men so pretty much what you were seeing there is OK we are seeing a cluster of these events among this population is this something that should be concerned about? For the initial stages that was what was being seen but pretty much then when we started seeing other pockets around the general population pretty much that is not the same sentiment anymore so the surveillance needs stepped up all over the general population and that’s what we are looking at.”