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Anyone can be pulled into the police dragnet by stepping into the Zones

The zone encompasses the corner of Orange Street and West Canal to Racecourse Street by its corner with East Collet Canal and the corner of Vernon Street and Central American Boulevard to South Creek and onto Fairweather Street. Anyone can be caught in the dragnet by passing through the zone. Audrey Matura-Shepherd says the public needs to be careful of the human rights that are given up, simply by passing through these areas.

Jose Sanchez: “And this also includes anybody who would drive or walk into the areas as well?”

Audrey Matura Shepherd Attorney: “Oh I like that you ask that question because this is how I understand it and if I am wrong I want them to correct me because the proclamation is over a designated area. It has to be that if  you were caught in that area for them to then apply all the provisions of section 18 of the constitution. If you are not caught in that area then it doesn’t apply so if I was a known gang member and I realized that my area has been placed under this proclamation all I have to do is if I have the means is to leave that area and make sure I don’t go through that area because they can’t come and catch you here in Belama you know and then want to apply the proclamation on you. You have to be in that area so for those who can move out and they know that they don’t have anything to be concerned about; move out and for those of us that are not from in the area avoid going through those streets so I think if people understand that it’s unless you are in the area that this proclamation will affect you and then it means that people won’t go in that area but it also may mean that business will be affected because there are business in those areas. I for one will avoid those ares because you never know they might just want to lock me up for talking against their thing and I know I wont keep quiet about it so it is key that those people who are detained; that the authorities can prove that they were caught in that area. It can’t be that you say well oh he usually live in that area so we apply to him; no. Where was he at the time he was detained? was he in Orange Walk? Was he in Corozal? then you can apply that proclamation. That is my interpretation because it was done per zone not per a profile of a type of group of person or by some known categorization. It was done by a physical zone.”