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Appointed Ambassador Responds to Comments about his Political Affiliation

Lynn Young, soon to the Governor General, is one of the Ambassador Designates appointed by the Briceno administration. 

Lynn Young, son to the Governor General, is one of the Ambassador Designates appointed by the Briceno administration.  Young’s appointment has also created some discontent particularly by supporters of the People’s United Party who have taken to social media to condemn the appointments of persons coined as supporters of the opposition.  Young, whose appointment still requires approval from the United States, responded to the comments on his political affiliation.

Lynn Young, Ambassador Designate to the United States of America:Personally I don’t see myself as a UDP or a PUP. I don’t see myself as P at all I am a Belizean and you know interestingly enough when I was made CEO of BEL Said Musa was the Prime Minister of Belize at the time and he called me and he had a conversation with me and he said “Lynn you know we hear you are the best man for this job and politics aside we want you to do that.” and it worked out fine and I have a lot of respect for him for that because nobody knows who you vote for in private you know. You can’t brand somebody as a PUP or UDP but that’s okay. That’s social media and everybody has a right to their opinion and social media gives them that opportunity to express it and that’s okay with me too.”

Young who has spent over thirty years in the energy industry told Love News that he was planning to retire this year, so the appointment was timely.  He said that while this is his first rodeo in the diplomatic corp he believes that his experiences have prepared him for this career transition.

Lynn Young, Ambassador Designate to the United States of America: “As you said my career has been in electricity, in the energy industry but I did serve quite a while as the Honorary Consul for Korea and then as the Honorary Consul for Canada which I just resigned from a couple days ago. So I do have some experience in the field there in the diplomatic circles and he knows that. In addition to that I was due for retirement this year from BECOL and I think he knew that also. So it works out as a good transition for me. The other thing of course is that I’ve been to Washington and to the State Department, to England and dealing with similar issues long ago at BEL to I’ve been dealing with the World Bank trying to negotiate loans to the World Bank and dealing with investors so some of the duties I’m familiar with as well as the things like passports and stuff from the Honorary Consul of Canada I’m kind of familiar with that too. So I do have some familiarity with the diplomatic career. The OAS is new to me that’s for sure and there are some issues there that I’ll have to get my mind around but I didn’t feel that it was something that I couldn’t deal with so yeah I’m comfortable with the challenges and in terms of the scope yes it’s broad but I don’t know that it will be any more difficult than what I’ve been doing at BEL and BECOL and dealing with the energy sector in Belize.”

Reporter: Will you be relocating your entire family to Washington ? 

Lynn Young, Ambassador Designate to the United States of America: “Yes that’s the plan in due course we will relocate to Washington DC.”

Young has been appointed to be the Ambassador to the United States as well as the Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States.  He succeeds Ambassador Daniel Guttierrez, and has had over thirty years experience in the electricity sector in Belize, including President and CEO of BECOL for the past ten years.