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APSSM’s President says She Doesn’t Support a Media Boycott

President Frazer also spoke on the attempted boycott of the media by some of the union leaders. She noted that she has not been in support of the media boycott.

Sharon Frazer, President, APSSM: “That is not a position that I share and I’ve expressed that in the group because.  I’ve said from the very beginning the media has come to us, have given us an opportunity to share with the public and our members at large what is the position an what we’re going through and also to speak to the general public. I don’t see why I would in fact boycott that. This is a sure way that in fact we can speak to the persons who we represent and also to the general public on why it is we’re doing what we’re doing. So that at the end of the day I realize in this COVID time media just like everybody else are struggling to make ends meet. As disgusted as I of these ads and I will tell you I more than anybody else have been a victim of those ads but at the end of the day I am hoping that the people who are out there know better and know that in fact what they’re saying and what they’re seeing is two different things. So I think it’s just for us to step up our game in terms of what we put out there to counter what these ads as if we’re in a political season. I totally disagree with those ads and like I said me more than anybody else have been personally come after on these ads but I am not about boycotting anybody for that. I’m disappointed in the ad mind you but I feel that I then still have an opportunity to speak to the people who are seeing those ads why is it they should not believe why it is those ads are saying. So that’s my position.”