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Aragon and Lovell Assess the Police Department and Its Policies

Six weeks ago the junior politician and former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Elodio Aragon Junior rose to the rank of Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs.  It is a posting that many had predicted from the third victory of the Barrow administration considering his familiarity with the Belize Police Department and his previous experience.  Instead he was given responsibility for youth, sports and culture under the Patrick Faber’s ministry; that is until October 19, 2016 when the Prime Minister announced a slight shuffle in his Cabinet.  Love News had done an extensive interview with Minister Aragon in early November to speak with him on his intentions for the police force.  Today, Aragon gave an update on how the progress has been in the department.


“The department is being run by the commissioner of police, myself and the CEO we look at the policy of the department and the strategy of the department, where we want to take the department and basically what is happening right now we are looking at what is in place right now, looking at what is working and what is not working and trying to look at where we go from there.”

Minister Aragon is the Area Representative for Orange Walk East; a seat he won in the General Elections held November 2015.