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Aragon says Vega’s actions makes party looks bad

So what do members of the United Democratic Party have to say on the matter? Today at a press conference where the Party presented its Orange Walk slate for the 2018 Municipal Elections, the media spoke with Area Representative for Orange Walk East Elodio Aragon Jr. and the Party Chairman, Alberto August.

Elodio Aragon – Orange Walk East area representative

“The situation in terms of the former Minister of Natural Resources, that is a problem that he has to deal with. It does not look good on the party on a whole but not because your brother has committed a crime that you will be held responsible for that crime.  That situation is something that the party will have to deal with on a whole but at the end of the day there are great leaders in our United Democratic Party.”


Alberto August – Chairman, UDP

“In terms of a party discussion on that matter, I don’t know if it is up to the party to discuss but we are having a meeting of the central executive of our party on Wednesday the 13th of September and maybe that might come up but in terms of any organized discussion on the matter, no. All we know is what you guys know about the Office of the Prime Minister issuing instructions that the matter will be handed over to the Police. The Police are independent, they are known to conduct their own investigation and let the chips fall where they may.”