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Are Belizean Students in Cuba Being Affected by the US’ Sanctions on the Country?

According to Minister for Health and Wellness, Kevin Bernard some eighty Belizeans are studying in Cuba. The country remains under pressure from countries like the US so we asked Minister Bernard if the Belizean students are being affected and if the number of students there would be increased.
Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: The current situation will allow us to probably look at what we have, keep what we have but, we are always amenable for options. Currently, as you know, Cuba, themselves through the embargo, have been taking a real hit but they have still continued to support Belize and so I think with what we have right now is sufficient enough and I think from what we signed is to make sure that we continue to keep what we had there with some slight amendments but at the end of the day, we will still have Belizeans, young Belizeans having access to getting those education in Cuba. That is one of the concerns but I think bigger than that, we will find ways how we can get the support to our Belizean students. One of the things that the Government had, did not do is to stop any stipend. Our young Belizean students continued, even through the pandemic, to get their stipend and they were very pleased for that.