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Are Ministers Finnegan and Martinez Retiring from Politics?

When Collet Representative Patrick Faber launched his candidacy on March 21 for the UDP’s First Deputy Leader, Minister Michael Finnegan had made a jest, basically indicating that he has plans in continuing in politics in the Mesopotamia division.  It did raise some questions as in previous newscasts we had done interviews with both Shyne Barrow and Zenaida Moya who are both hoping that they would be the next Standard Bearer in the Mesopotamia division.  On Saturday, following the UDP’s National Party Council meeting, we asked Finnegan if he had a change of mind in getting out of politics as an Area Representative.


“Why does everyone want to retire me? That is up to me I don’t know why everyone wants to retire me for.”


“But did you not announce earlier that you would not be seeking reelection?”


“I never said that; everybody said that I was retiring.  That is a matter for me and my family and when that time comes if I will do that the public will know. In the meantime I am in the Mesopotamia division, every day and I am doing what I have been doing for the last thirty years and when that changes you will be the first to know.”

Minister Anthony Boots Martinez had also announced that last year’s election would be his last.  Today, he told us that he is standing by what he said.


Both Finnegan and Martinez are senior members of the UDP with Finnegan being the most senior.