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Are you suffering with anxiety?

We all have been anxious going to a job interview; when meeting a potential partner for the first time; or performing for an audience. Those occurrences may be few and far between; however, when anxiety occurs more frequently, it is an illness.  Dr. Marco Mendez, a Neurologist, explained the signs that may indicate your anxiety is a bonafide disease.

Dr. Marco Mendez Neurologist: Well we know when we are a little bit anxious okay our heart rate or you start to get a little bit of sweating alright. Well all of us go through an anxious type of situation put it this way right but there is a disease that is called Anxiety or what they call panic attacks. Both of them are referred to as the same. Anxiety or Panic attacks is when the person  starts feel very anxious; their heart rate starts to increase. They feel like they are going to die basically and the sweatings of course, some people do even lose consciousness. They could and because of the type of chemical that is involved that is the one that causes the anxiety disorder or the panic attacks. It is called the Serotonin; this chemical is a chemical that’s going to be converted into another chemical that makes us sleep so people with anxiety sometimes they have insomnia and sometimes they will be having also depression.

People who believe that they may be suffering from anxiety disorder should seek out medical attention.