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Only area of concern for ICJ is Territorial Waters

The Education Campaign on the merits of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has begun. The Referendum Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received funding to educate the public by every means of communication available to reach Belizeans on the topic and the literature needed to understand the unfounded claim and the history of our borders. The political arm of the Government has made it clear that it believes strongly that the ICJ is the only possible solution to end the claim. Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington says the only area of contention would be the territorial sea in the south where Belize shares waters with both Honduras and Guatemala.

Wilfred Elrington Minister of Foreign Affairs: “The cheapest way for us to deal with it is to go to the ICJ and on the ICJ we are on level playing field because we have one of the best firms of lawyers which we have had for the past fifteen or twenty years working with us – they are excellent and we know for a fact as I am saying and I can’t overemphasize this, we know for a fact what the courts can find. We know for a fact that Belize can’t lose any part of our territory in terms of the land territory that is encompassed in the three treaties. We know that for a fact because of the law and the legal limitations on this ICJ and the state of international law.”

Belize’s Referendum is slated for April 10th, 2019.