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Argentinian entrepreneur sought by Interpol believed to be hiding in Belize

The International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, has issued a red alert as they search for Argentinian businessman, Jose Alberto Samid, who is believed to be hiding in Belize. Samid, a 71 year old entrepreneur owns a number of livestock and meat shops in Argentina. He is also a political affiliate of the Justicialist Party. He is wanted by Argentina police for a criminal process. An investigation for his role in an illicit association through which Samid and others are accused of having evaded taxes, began since 1996. Last Wednesday, Samid was to have appeared in court to hear the verdict but he did not show up. The criminal prosecutor Perez Barberá had requested six years and six months in prison for Samid. But the business man skipped town and has gone on local media saying he will not hand himself in and that he is being politically victimized. Interpol has described Samid as a “violent” person who has publicly expressed his refusal to comply with orders of public authority. Argentinian media report that Samid is believed to be hiding in Belize.