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Ariel Rosado Foundation Invites Application for Scholarships

May 14, 2017 marked six years that the well-known cyclist, Ariel Rosado lost his life in a traffic incident on the Philip Goldson Highway.  In January 2012, his father, Dr Alvaro Rosado established the Ariel Rosado Foundation aimed at providing educational opportunities via a scholarship fund.  The foundation continues with its goal and is once again taking scholarship applications for the academic year 2017/2018.  The successful secondary school applicants will have their school fees and text books paid for throughout the four years while tertiary school recipients to Galen University will have the cost of the undergraduate tuition paid.  Application forms can be obtained via the website, www.arielrosadofoundation.bz or by calling 600-6665.  Deadline for applications is June 9, 2017.