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Arlene Forms Ahead the Hurricane Season

Two days ago we told you of the tropical depression that was formed outside the Atlantic Hurricane Season.  While the National Hurricane Centre in Miami, Florida had noted that it would be a short-lived system, yesterday that depression was named Arlene and is now the first storm for the 2017 season.  Tropical Storm Arlene is now the second system to be named in April with the first happening in 2003 which was named Ana.  A system developing outside the allotted hurricane season for the Atlantic is not unusual as this is the third year in a row that this has occurred.   Arlene formed yesterday afternoon, one thousand seven hundred miles east of the US East Coast.  Its maximum sustained winds were near forty five miles per hour.  According to the National Hurricane Centre, Arlene poses no threat to land and is forecast to fall apart sometime today.  The list of names for the 2017 storms is the same list used for the 2011 season with the exception of the name, Irma which has replaced Irene.  In an article published by Bloomberg news, they made reference to weird occurrences happening in the weather for 2017.  The article quotes hurricane researcher, Phil Klotzbach as saying, quote, “In any event, Arlene becomes another entry in the log of weird weather that 2017 has created, including record warm temperatures in February, an explosion of tornado reports across the U.S., floods in Peru and scorching heat across Australia. Tropical storms in April surely emerged before satellite monitoring, but they probably went unnoticed.” End of quote.