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Armed and Dangerous Shane Bennett Eludes Police

Police at the Intermediate Southern Formation in Independence Village has reported that one of their inmates from a holding cell has escaped. Twenty nine year old Shane Bennett was in police custody when he managed to escape around midnight on Wednesday. Bennett was brought to the station from the Belize Central Prison. He was detained for burglary, theft and other crimes. Inspector Christobal Valerio, Officer in Command at the Independence Southern Formation spoke to Love News about the issue.

CHRISTOBAL VALERIO: “This gentleman has been in custody for some time and he was on remand at the Central Prison in Hattieville awaiting trial for burglary and other crimes. He was brought down to Independence on Monday to attend court. He attended court on Monday in the afternoon and on Tuesday. Sometime on Wednesday morning he made his escape that morning. Police made checks on him and they observed that some bars were cut in the cell.”

Valerio said that they are unaware of how Bennett was able to find an instrument to cut through the metal bars since he was checked on Wednesday.

CHRISTOBAL VALERIO: “The bars are a part of a section that provides ventilation for them. It is situated on the eastern section of the building and that is through where he made his escape. He had some object and he cut it and made his escape. There is presently an all-points bulletin that has been sent out. On Wednesday we gave him a cavity search and searched everything he had and he was somehow able to conceal something with which he used to damage the bars. The matter is being investigated.”

Shane Bennett is labeled as armed and dangerous.  If seen you are asked to contact nearest police station.