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Armed gunman ambushes police officer in Burrell Boom Substation

There was an attack upon a police officer last night in Burrell Boom Village. A brazen, lone gunman walked into the police substation compound and fired at an officer who was on duty at the time. ASP Cowo spoke of what investigators have gathered on this case so far.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB: “Last night whilst police was dealing with this scene at the Fabers Road, Burrell Boom Police reported that Police Constable Staine was inside of the Burrell Boom Police Station when he observed a male person wearing a masking approaching the front door. The said male person then fired two shots at him. Luckily he escaped unhurt and as a result the police retrieved his issued shotgun and fired shots at the male person who escaped from the police station compound. Police processed the scene at the station and observed that there were two suspected bullet holes on the window of the police station. So far police is looking for one male person that can assist in this investigation. It is something that is not being taken lightly the police is taking all measures and they have been encouraged that they must be vigilant and they must be there to protect themselves.”

Reporter: Could you confirm whether this officer was the intended target?

ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB: “He was the only person at the station when this incident happened and the person went direct and fired shots at him.”

Police are yet to determine a motive for the shooting. ASP Cowo adds that the department is considering attaching more police officers at the substation.