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Armed robbery leaves Chinese businessman dead

Fifty eight year old Bainan Wu was shot to the left temple last night. It happened at around 7:40pm while he was in his store on Santa Barbara Street in Belize City. He was rushed to the KHMH where he died. Investigators believe that the motive was robbery. This is the second armed robbery of a Chinese store to occur on the same street recently. Last week Friday 32 year old Wenwei Yang, reported that at around 4:20pm, while in his shop Arwing Shop a male person armed with a firearm entered and demanded money. Fearing for his life, Yang handed over all the money of his day’s sales amounting to $1,500. The robber then left the store running making good his escape. The two recent events have led the Belize Chinese Association to put out an alert to all Chinese businesses to take precautionary measures as explained by President, Edmund Quan.,


Edmund Quan – President of Belize Chinese Association

“He has been in Belize for quite some time, close to twenty years always keeping to himself we don’t really know much about him. He would stay in his little shop and do his everyday business and it so happens that tragedy came to his doorstep.”


“Now specifically an attack against a hard working Chinese-Belizean business man must be a concern for you and those within the local Chinese community.”

Edmund Quan – President of Belize Chinese Association

“Definitely, we are very concerned about the situation we are asking the police to please conduct a thorough investigation into this matter. We will be advising all Chinese businesses to be on the alert because two robbery in the close time especially in that location and area we will tell them to be vigilant, look for new faces or suspicious people or stuff like that but we will ask them to do their jobs. I don’t have an archive memory but I believe around that time two years ago something similar happened around the Kraal Road Area.”