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Arsonist allegedly burned home after finding out woman moved

The National Fire Service and the Belize Police Department are investigating a fire that could have proven more destructive.  On Friday night just after eleven o’clock, a man went to number 78 Dove Street in Ladyville and yelled for a female who lived at that address. Shortly after, a fire blazed and gutted the wooden building in the yard. The Fire Department was able to extinguish the fire before it could spread to other buildings. Love News spoke to Levi Bahadur who said he lost all his valuables.

Jose Sanchez: “A fire destroyed a home on Friday night in Ladyville. After 11 PM a man that once lived at that address informed a man that the woman he was looking for no longer had been living there which later ended up in the house being burned to the ground.”

Orin Smith Station Officer, National Fire Service: “The Ladyville Branch of the National Fire Service received and responded to reports from the Police and from concerned citizens of a structural fire at # 78 Dove St. Ladyville Belize District. One unit was dispatched to that location. On arrival on scene found was a wooden structure measuring 20 x 25 elevated approximately 3 ft. off the ground engulfed in flames. On the same premise to the front sat another wooden structure and following a brief size up the Fire Department went into operation to extinguish the fire. As a result the fire the structure to the rear of the premise was destroyed. That structure was not ensured. The structure to the front of the premise had minor fire damaged to its exposed face. A third structure which was a concrete structure at #67 Dove St. received minor fire damage to its window pin and facial board.”

Jose Sanchez: “Levi Bahadur says he and his brother lost everything.”

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim: “More or less at about 11 o’clock the fire started and I don’t really know what caused the fire but the fire just started and big blazing and the house is gone.”

Jose Sanchez: “We heard some report that someone came asking for a female and shortly after the house caught on fire.”

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim: ‘Yes”

Jose Sanchez: “The gentleman, who was he looking for?”

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim: “A young lady”

Jose Sanchez: “And is the young lady still at this address?”

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim: No sir”

Jose Sanchez: “So she had already moved?”

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim: “Yes sir”

Jose Sanchez: “Do the Police suspect this guy?

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim: Well I am not really sure what the Police are doing.”

Jose Sanchez: “ So you one live in the house at the time?”

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim:“Yes me and my other brother but he wasn’t hear at the time.”

Jose Sanchez: “ Did you manage to save anything from the home, any of your valuables?”

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim:“No sir couldn’t save anything, the house went up in flames quick.”

Jose Sanchez: “Did you smell any flamance like fuel or Kerosene?”

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim:“No my brother came out and said that he saw fire and he saw when the guy ride out and that’s all.”

Jose Sanchez: “ How big was the house and how many rooms did it have?”

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim: “Three rooms, a kitchen and a hall with the bathroom outside.

Jose Sanchez: “ I know you can replace things like your sheets and your mattress and your bed but was there anything in there that is irreplaceable you know like family photos or anything you can’t get back.”

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim:Yes but we can’t spill out of my beans right because that’s it right there and we can’t do anything about that and we can’t get those back in any kind of way so.”

Jose Sanchez: “ The Fire Department prevented the other home in the yard from being engulfed in flames.

Orin Smith Station Officer, National Fire Service: “ Preliminary investigation reveal that the fire originated in the north east bedroom of the structure. The information gathered from residence with in the area indicated that a single person was seen leaving the structure just prior to the fire being discovered. The fire is being treated as an incendiary.

Levi Bahadur Fire Victim:“They work good, I can’t complain, the work good. Thanks to the fireman them because they could have burned down everything and then we wouldn’t have had anything at all right like those one they have a lot kids in this place here so it’s like so I glad the firemen come and did what they had to do same way.”

“Jose Sanchez for Love News.”

You can assist Bahadur by calling 601-7504