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Art competition winners pick up prizes

Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia Jr. was on hand for an award ceremony where he handed over cheques to the winners of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association’s Poster Competition. Nisa Sanchez won second place in the regional competition and Homayra Sarah won third place. Minister Heredia told us about the competition.

Manuel Heredia – Minister of Tourism

The competition of the environmental posters I think it is an awareness to make sure that Belize can maintain its environment as safe as possible. The FCCA every year accepts posters from around the Caribbean where students are able to participate and make sure that they can depict their talents and we are very fortunate that this year that Belize was first in the junior and second in the senior division and then I think you heard that in the essay competition Ms. Quinto was the most outstanding throughout the Caribbean in that one so it means to say that Belize is really getting there when we can compete around our Caribbean brothers and make sure that we excel at that far it really means that we are doing our job but again the Belize Tourism Board along with the schools also try to do our part and now that we are gathering that awareness I believe that you will see more students put a lot more emphasis and putting their talents to work and I for one believe in supporting the students as much as we can.”

Sanchez spoke about her second place win.

Nissa Sanchez – Artist

“”When it comes to getting involved in the competition I am a person who believes, I can’t just stay within the country I can represent my country as a Belizean I can go into international stuff so I believe more in regional interaction and what I was thinking about when I thought about the whole poster concept. When you really think about the environment how it was originally to how it is today there is a lot of human contribution to what we have today so basically we are building our factories, new technology, chemicals all that sort of thing that really affects the environment as a whole as we know it so what I was thinking is that we are basically the problem in most cases so at the same time conversely we can be the solution, we know what we cause and we know that we can solve it so that was the basic concept in the whole poster.”

FCCA Foundation Children’s Environmental Poster Competition awards Caribbean and Latin American students’ efforts to create a poster depicting ways to protect the environment and promote awareness in their country. This year’s competition featured finalists from twelve destinations ranging from juniors to seniors with nearly twenty six thousand US dollars awarded to the participants and schools.