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Art and Public Space

The Street Art Festival was held last weekend in downtown Belize City. While the stalls and art work are quickly assembled and downtown is restored to its normal state within hours, there is one iconic piece that has remained behind. It is the Mexican Embassy’s contribution to the festival which has found a permanent place at the corner of Prince and Albert Streets. The Cultural attaché for Embassy of Mexico in Belize, Diego Sapien explained why public art such as the one completed by the Mexican artists are important to culture and society.

Diego Sapien Cultural Attache, Embassy of Mexico: “For Street Art 2019 what we did is we invited two artists: Masatle and Kilchoi to do a mural at the corner of Prince Street and Albert Street. Every year we are doing this mural activity with street art with NICH where we have invited one artist and this was an artist that we are very happy that they were able to make it to Belize at this time. Specifically the work of Masatle and Killchoi is they work in socially oriented places or socially oriented work and they incorporate elements of nature in all of their murals so Belize was one of the choices for them because of the multiculturality of Belize. Depicted in the street art was a perfect background for their work and that is why they chose it.”

Jose Sanchez: “ This is a conversational piece but is it open to interpretation? Is there a meaning? What do you think people should take away from the art?”

Diego Sapien Cultural Attache, Embassy of Mexico: “When the artist was developing the price we had several opinions by the citizens of mainly downtown Belize. What the artist wants to convey or what they tired to tell with this work is as you can see in the elements if you go to Prince St. and Albert St. you are going to see scenes of transformation, naturality and a way of growing and that is what the artist wanted to tell in this mini story that is depicted in the mural.”

The Embassy also has initiatives planned for March.