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Arthur Flowers executed; family does not understand why

And while police have not established a motive for the murder of Arthur Flowers, his family says they are left confused as to who and why anyone would want the 43-year-old self-employed man dead. Flowers was executed just across the street from his home, which is where he would station himself to wash cars. One of his siblings, who wished to comment off camera, says someone phoned her with the bad news. She says all indications are that Flowers was not expecting the attack on his life. She adds that the family cannot understand why, either.

SISTER OF MURDER VICTIM:“We’ve heard rumors now that there is video footage that police have of the person who did the shooting and that it was just senseless. He wasn’t expecting it, he was just sitting there at his job site waiting for his jobs as usual and I guess…. I don’t know what’s the reason why they took his life like that but he doesn’t interfere with anybody. He’s not a part of any gang so we don’t understand why. He likes to be by himself a lot but he has few people who he likes to mingle with but he just likes to joke around and he is very loving. I have another brother that usually sits out there with him and he was just telling me this morning that Arthur would just like to come and hug him and kiss him and he would tell him not to come and hug and kiss him but that is how he is, he was very loving to those people who he loved and who he was close with. The only question we are asking is why you know? We are hearing rumors that it was not him and that they went for somebody else but if you went for somebody else and if my brother had killed somebody or was living that gang life then we expect things like that to happen but then why take an innocent life- just to prove a point. We don’t understand why he was killed and that is the most painful part because then there is no reason, so this is what Belize has come to now where life has no value where you can just shoot down a person like a bird and not think about the family members and how it affects us and how it hurts us because he is not out there troubling anybody.”

Flowers washed cars across the street from his home and according to his sister, he also sold used clothes. He leaves behind two children.

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