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Arthur Saldivar lashes out at PUP over rejected application

As we mentioned, the PUP vetting committee rejected the applications of Patrick Jason Andrews and Arthur Saldivar to participate in the Standard Bearer Convention for Belmopan. The decision was made yesterday during the PUP’s National Executive meeting. With respect to Saldivar’s rejection, PUP Chairman Henry Charles Usher told Love News that while Saldivar’s suspension has been lifted, he remains on a two-year probationary period and as such cannot run. Last night, Saldivar took to social media to respond to the PUP’s decision, saying that he will find redress in the courts.

Arthur Saldivar, Politician: “I want to make it abundantly clear that I believe that an error has been made by the executive, one that may require legal resolution. I will be seeking an order of mandamus because the process that started back on April 17th 2018 has been marred with bias and prejudice. As a result of that I believe that there is a need to have the court look at these things especially as it relates to the constitution of the PUP. It is my fear that if I don’t stand then we are saying to the Belizean public that those who are the custodians and trustees of the People’s United Party are not adhering to its constitution and we cannot be sure that they will adhere to the constitution of Belize should they be given the mantle of power over the nation. So I have to by virtue of principle stand up for the constitutional right that I have as a member of the party and as my right as a Belizean so that no other Belizean and no other member of the PUP could be treated the way I am being treated now; unfairly and with disregard. I don’t believe I am being taken advantage of. You can only be taken advantage of if you allow yourself to be. There are principles that govern the People’s United Party, those principles are constitutionally enshrined. Where those principals are not being followed there is redress. I have sought in every step of the way to go to the next step for redress. I have now come to the end of the road internally and now I must seek redress externally and that is where I’m going with this. My candidacy is not going to be determined by the People’s United Party custodians in the executive. My candidacy is my right and I will exercise that right regardless of who seeks to deny me. As long as I breath I am running.”

According to Saldivar, he was never suspended from the party.

Arthur Saldivar, Politician: “I am not suspended, have never been suspended for the length of time that they have said I was suspended for. There is only one resolution and I will produce that resolution for the viewing public to see and understand. The resolution came as a result of ”public allegations made against me by a member of the party.” a member of the party with whom I have had a very colorful past you see. I won’t go into any of these personal issues because they are very petty and I’m not a petty person. The only resolution that exists in the People’s United Party in respect of my candidacy is the one that I am holding up right now and it reads ”Resolution on decision of the National Executive to remove Arthur Saldivar as a member of the National Executive and the elected standard  bearer for the Belize Rural North constituency.” Now it’s a very specific resolution ‘to remove’ not to suspend. So in 2014 after I had won a constituency convention in the rural north constituency based on the allegation of a client who did not want to pay me the party, through certain members introduced a resolution to remove me. We have gathered signatures on a petition, we are well over 900 signatures which is a tally more than three times the amount that one of the candidates got in the last convention and certainly more than the leading candidate got in the last convention and we should be well over 1,000 signatures by the end of this week.”