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Arthur Saldivar Still A No-Show For PUP BRN

As we mentioned earlier, Major Jones was chosen by the Party to replace Arthur Saldivar after the powers that be in the PUP had decided that Saldivar had too many issues going on outside his political aspirations.  Back then, Saldivar was livid at the way the party removed him as the standard bearer for Belize Rural North.  We speculate now that he may have gotten over the matter but albeit so, Major Jones says that Saldivar has still not come on board to assist him in his campaign.


“I would welcome any help that I could get from anybody as we continue our work but Arthur has not changed his position in terms of his involvement with the party after his challenge but we continue to work and I am not going to sit around and wait for him or anybody else for that matter.  We would welcome his support clearly; he did great political work leading up to the last election, he was able to close the gap from more than a thousand to just a little over five hundred; so, clearly he has some political clout and we would wish that he would lend that to our efforts but if he refuses to do that then we move on.”

Belize Rural North was established in 1961 as an electoral division and was first led by Fred Hunter of the People’s United Party.  Hunter maintained that seat for 23 years and in 1984, Sam Rhaburn took over under the umbrella of the United Democratic Party.  The UDP retained that seat for 9 years and in 1993, the PUP regained it with Maxwell Samuels as the Area Representative.  Samuels, now deceased, served the Belize Rural North division up until 2008 when Edmond Castro won the area for the UDP.  The last available count of registered voters for the Belize Rural North stands at five thousand four hundred and four up to 2012.