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Arthur Saldivar takes the PUP to court

Over the last few weeks, the People’s United Party has been holding its conventions in preparation for the next general elections. The convention for Belmopan was scheduled for this Sunday; however, after a court challenge from Arthur Saldivar, it has been postponed.  Reporter Johnelle McKenzie was at the Supreme Court and has the story.

Johnelle McKenzie, Reporter: Attorney Arthur Saldivar is known to cause some waves and today Saldivar was back at it again. As previously reported at the end of May Saldivar’s application to be a candidate on the PUP’s Belmopan slate was rejected by the party’s vetting committee. That did not sit well with Saldivar who threatened legal action against his party. Today while his supporters held a peaceful demonstration outside Saldivar appeared before Justice Shona Griffith with this Attorney to seek an injunction so his case could be heard. That injunction was granted and his case will go before the courts on July 6th. After the hearing Saldivar told media that he wants to be given a chance to represent his people.

Arthur Saldivar, Attorney: “Certainly today was somewhat momentous because it is not usual that that we have these kinds of applications in court. I want it to be clear; my action is not an action against my party, it is my party, we have trustees of the party and these trustees are elected by the members of the party as are my supporters behind me who have faith that we will uphold the constitution principles and values of the party so we are only here to ensure that those principles and rights enshrined by the constitution of the party that George Price created or maintained.”

 Johnelle Mckenzie: Have you given any thought about running your own party and run independently?

Attorney Arthur Saldivar: I am a PUP, from the age of 7 having met George Price decided that the philosophy of the PUP and what George Price represented was what I believed in. I believe that the PUP is the best party for Belize.

Johnelle Mckenzie: Saldivar said that his efforts are by no means futile, he says he has been using social media to get his message across with a number of town hall type meetings. The Belmopan convention was scheduled to be held this Sunday has been delayed. This is Janelle McKenzie reporting for Love News.

Five individuals had submitted their names for consideration but the vetting committee refused Saldivar and Jason Patrick Andrews’ applications. The candidates who will contest the convention whenever it is called will be Oscar Mira, Weizman Patt and Michelle Rodriguez.