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Arthur Saldivar wants back in the PUP

We also asked the Party Leader about Arthur Saldivar. He was ousted from the People’s United Party in 2014 but, it seems that Saldivar wants back in. In an interview with the media last week, Saldivar announced that he will run in Belmopan and presumably under the blue banner.

Reporter: Arthur Saldivar who just came out of a very I would say embarrassing court case with the Coye family. What’s your thought on that? Because I have seen many PUP on Facebook particularly not really keen to the idea of Mr. Saldivar  running in Belmopan.

John Bricenio, Opposition Leader: “There is a process in the party that you can apply to run, anyone can apply that has been a member of the party and then there is we have a vetting committee that is made up from two members from the Order of Distinguished Service, our National Campaign Manager and our Strategic Campaign Manager and these four people will be interviewing all candidates that want to run in any constituency. As to the issue of Arthur Saldivar that’s a matter that they will be addressing and pretty soon I have every confidence that they will let Mr. Saldivar know whether his application will be accepted or not.”

Reporter: I believe in 2014 he was ousted from the party.

John Bricenio, Opposition Leader: “Yes he was.”

Reporter: He will be welcomed so easily back.

John Bricenio, Opposition Leader: “Well that’s the point we want to make; he first needs to apply to the party. He is not a member of the party at this time and that is why I am saying that this is a decision that all these matters are going to be look into by the vetting committee.”

Reporter: His application hasn’t been accepted because I believe he has applied already.

John Bricenio, Opposition Leader: “I wouldn’t know.”

Patrick Andrews has also decided to run in Belmopan for the PUP.