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Artist to paint mural downtown San Ignacio

A mural that will depict the development of San Ignacio and Santa Elena since its inception hundreds of years ago is set to be painted at the San Ignacio Market. The mural will be done by artist Wayne Edwards. Edwards has been painting for decades and he decided to do the mural for free.

Wayne Edwards – Artist

“The mayor and others came up with the idea of doing a mural on this wall and I just heard that it was in the works and I said well I’ve been looking for a place to paint a big mural maybe we could work something out and we got to talking and I said that I would donate my time to the people of Belize. I spend half my time in Belize and I spend the rest of my time in the states. I’ve been painting for probably 70 years. I came here first about 22 years ago and I’ve been looking for some way that I might repay the people of Belize for their welcoming they gave me here and I want to thank the mayor and everybody else involved in this project for giving me the opportunity for doing this. This is an ideal location to do a piece of art as you know it’s right here, everybody who comes to Western Belize will drive within 20 feet of this art. The things going through my mind is this wall. I think how can I make this better, as it gets into bigger scale of course things start changing and looking a little different and different opportunities present themselves. I’ll probably be adding in a lot more animals because there is more space to work with.

The mural is set to be completed in a few months.