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Artists invited to submit entries for national song competition

The national song competition is opened for local artists. They can send in their original songs for the 2017 round of the competition. Communications Officer at NICH, Neil Hall says this is the time the National Celebrations commission pushes to highlight the country’s musical artistry, promoting artistic expression, national pride and Belize’s diverse culture.
Neil Hall – Communications Officer, NICH
“I would say it is three categories. There’s the Carnival Song, the National Song and the Junior category. Those are the three categories. For each one we are asking you to have original lyrics of course as well as an original instrumental or background. That is very important for the artists to realize. Don’t come with the background for Thriller and say that it is your song. Make it something that’s original for all three categories. The prizes do vary. For the seniors it is ten thousand dollars in cash and prizes. Again a start up or cash for music video as well as the spending on you to travel to an international festival is included in the ten thousand so its roughly about six thousand cash, one five for the video and two five for the transportation and the festival. Second place is then three thousand dollars and a trophy. For the Juniors, its then looking at three thousand dollars and a trophy and for first place and for second place you are looking at one thousand dollars and a trophy. “

Beginning this year, the Commission will be moving the competition to a new venue. Hall says it’s part of a tour and the first venue was selected through a lotto pick.

Neil Hall – Communications Officer, NICH
“There was a very exciting lotto draw where it was between some of the municipalities that have a venue that can accommodate for a venue like this and Dangriga was very happy to be chosen as the winner for this year. This is going to be one of the things because its a national song celebration event it’s going to be made national starting now and instead of having it here in Belize City it’s going to start touring in the different municipalities. I’m not saying it won’t come back to Belize City next year it just depends on who wins the draw.”

“So what lead to that decision?”

Neil Hall – Communications Officer, NICH
“A lot of things actually incorporated into the decision however it was mainly because we’ve noticed that a lot of the national celebrations are held here in Belize City and it’s just an opportunity for us to make available the feeling of pride and patriotism not only in the Belize District and Belize City but throughout the country. What started out as something that was getting a bit of attention is now one of the finer points of this September Celebrations simply because it has taken on a life of its own. We have seen artists that are relatively unknown come to this program, come to this contest and come out as such fantastic start that it’s absolutely incredible.”

On competition night ten entries will be performed on stage. Interested persons can upload their songs to and register online at that site as well. The site also features entries of the last seven years features.