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Asenthium Rock Band in Panama for Wacken Open Air Metal battle

Asenthium has flown out to Panama for their very first international appearance. They are taking part in the Wacken Open Air metal battle in Panama this coming Saturday. It’s an opportunity that the band defines as “career-defining”. The rock group left the country yesterday but not before talking with the media.

Ascentium Member: “We are going to be arriving there a couple of days before the show, pre-prepping, dealing with everything we have to deal with, settling in and we have a hell of a show in for them. If they haven’t come prepared all we can say is good luck to them.”

Reporter: “Now sir what do you all need to achieve in order to qualify to the next round?”

Ascentium Member: “We need to win all of Central America, pretty much we need to go up against the best band that Guatemala has to produce, Honduras, El Salvador, and Costa Rica, Nicaragua wasn’t able to compete this year. What we have to do is pretty much beat the rest of the Central American countries to be able to represent all of Central America in the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle in Germany in August.

Ascentium Member: “We are prepared for the trip, we have been working really hard in the jam room, honing our skills, doing what we have to do to prepare mentally. A big part of it is a mental game knowing that you put everything that you can out and you want to see what will happen in return and you can’t really over think or stress about it. What has happened in the practice room has happened, we are at this point now so we are going to go and try and enjoy Panama for a couple of days, prepare for the competition, climatize a little bit and give a great show.”

Ascentium Member:We have been preparing profusely, you know we have a solid bulletproof setlist for them you know with all original music of course so yes we are very prepared. We have been preparing so may the best band win and the hardest part was really looking for the finances to be able to do this but our Belizean public really came through and from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate it so much, guys thank you so much. We are happy to be doing this, we are happy to be putting Belize on the map with our genre of music, pushing forward for a better artistic future for the future of Belize obviously, a better artistic future for the kids of Belize, those musicians that are coming up, those that are inspired. What we want to say is it is possible, just push, persevere, stay in school.”

The concert is scheduled for April 27.

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