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ASP Yearwood says the LOO was Wrong

 Police Press Officer, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood says he is gearing up to take legal action against Leader of the Opposition, Moses “Shyne” Barrow, for statements he made during Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives. In Barrow’s statement, he alleged that Kajah Burgess, who is accusing Yearwood’s brother of sexual abuse, went in to file a report but was not taken seriously by the police. Barrow stated that the reason may have been due to Yearwood’s relation to the alleged abuser and added that the Burgess was not taken seriously until she went in with an attorney. However, Yearwood is denying that claim and says that he is yet to see Burgess’ official report.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Police Department:  “It is not a practice of the police to turn anyone away when you come to make a report and I am certain that the Commissioner of Police will address this if any officers did any such thing like that and as soon as I get any formal report, I will make that available to you. I haven’t seen the complaint from her and her attorney but I am certain that as soon as I am in a position to answer your questions I will do so. I am very disappointed by people who may have said that including a member of the House of Representatives. Unfortunately on Friday, I was watching a sitting of the House when a member of that House made a comment. I have since consulted with my attorneys because as we all know, I am the Police Public Relations officer so you’re not referring to anybody else and I would never interfere with any investigation being carried out by the Police Department against any member of my family or the broader public. I have built my career for the past 26 years and many people could make allegations against me. It is your right to lawyer up and fight that allegation. I could recall a former Prime Minister saying that if they killed his sister, it wouldn’t be him they are burying and I’m very disappointed in the way the public or members of the media are trying to law blame me for this. I do not interfere like I said and as long as something does not concern me and it is not sent to me, I do not respond to it.”